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Nanton's Revolution GCH

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Ultras Special Agent x Abby Lane

2005 Bay Gelding

We acquired “Rev” at age 13, although you would never guess his age based on his show record! Rev was named the 2018 East Coast Park Harness Grand Champion in unanimous fashion before earning his first GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPION title in
2019, also in the park harness division. In 2020, at age 15, Rev was crowned RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION amateur park saddle. He is STILL WINNING tricolors in 2023 at the age of 18!

Displaying all the heat and forward-go of a horse half his age, it would be hard to find a horse with more heart than Rev. He’s the picture of the “old style” Morgan that so many Morgan enthusiasts love, yet he can wave his legs with the absolute best of them. Rev embodies all of the characteristics we hope to breed for—beauty, talent and heart.

  • 2023 Reserve Champion Open Park Harness – Greater Boston Charity Show
  • 2023 Champion Amateur Park Harness – Connecticut Morgan Show
  • 2022 Reserve World Champion Amateur Park Saddle (unanimous) | Reserve Grand National Champion Amateur Park Harness
  • 2021 Reserve Champion Open Park Saddle, 1st Amateur Park Saddle – Greater Boston Charity Show
  • 2021 Champion Open Park Harness, 1st Open Park Harness – Connecticut Morgan Show
  • 2020 Reserve Grand National Champion Park Saddle Ladies Geldings
  • 2020 Reserve World Champion Park Saddle Amateur
  • 2019 Grand National Champion Park Harness Mares & Geldings
  • 2017 NEMHS Champion Junior Exhibitor Park Saddle
  • 2017 Reserve Grand National Champion Junior Exhibitor Park Saddle
  • 2018 NEMHS East Coast Open Park Harness Grand Champion