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Our program centers around breeding for attributes that I grew up loving as a Morgan-crazy child. Disposition, trainability, beauty. And with that style and elegance that wins.


LNT Casanova GCH

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I breed horses that I want to show. Not only do they need to have the quality and conformation to succeed, they also need the brains and willingness to be an integral team member.


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“That first Morgan I had captured me. It was all Morgans from then on.”

While my first horse was obviously not the right choice for a young beginner, the second horse was a Morgan broodmare named Hi Vale Magic Dawn who more than made up for it. I was totally in love with her. She would neigh to me and was the sweetest horse. I was probably around seven when we got her. But when LNT Cassanova GCH came into my life, my Morgan focus became razor sharp. “Nova” became the Morgan by which I judge all others.

With a thirst for bloodline knowledge that has lasted a lifetime, I now enjoy the extensive research and planning that goes into creating and growing a successful breeding program. While my program is relatively new in the scope of Morgan breeders, I hope you’ll follow along as my path to breeding the perfect Morgan show horse wanders through history and into the future.

The Morgan Horse, Aug 2020

Click here to read “The Smart Instincts of Liz Ciccone”, by Stephen Kinney and published in the August 2020 issue of The Morgan Horse magazine.




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